Highlights Of 2017 Auto Industry Trends

The auto industry is a dynamic sector with various changes taking place every year. In fact, the automobile industry is the most flexible sector that incorporates a lot of modifications for betterment. Some of the interesting 2017 auto industry trends you could expect in this year are detailed below.

Intriguing designs

In the past, people had fewer choices with respect to design, size and color of the vehicle. However, modern manufacturing processes are well advanced and offer a range of vehicles in various sizes, colors and designs to suit the needs of end users. In 2017, manufacturers will be able to provide all sorts of vehicles in varying ranges with appealing looks whether you need a truck or car. Even heavy duty vehicles could be bought in best designs and colors.

Compact vehicles

There is a growing craze among vehicle owners to buy compact vehicles. Even transporters prefer to have small sized vehicles, especially for smaller distance. The auto industry has taken this factor seriously and is coming up with innovative methods to provide a wide assortment of compact vehicles to cater to the demands of customers.

Fuel efficiency

Due to growing competition, transporters are looking for ways to cut down their operational cost. Since fuel is a major factor in cost, the 2017 trend is all set to welcome fuel efficient vehicles and do away with fuel guzzlers. Even domestic car owners now choose to have a vehicle that gives a better mileage and consumes less fuel.


In the past, vehicles were available in big sizes with heavy weights. However, the trend has changed in the last few decades, and you can find many companies offering light weight cars. In 2017, auto companies are putting heavy stress on using light weight materials in the manufacturing process. Aside from increasing speed, light weight also reduces the cost of production, and the result is an innovative vehicle with a smaller price tag.

Alternate fuels

With growing awareness on dangers of traditional fuels and their limited availability, the automobile sector is coming up with vehicles that can be powered by alternate fuels. Electric cars are a special mention in this regard. In the year 2017, many brands are concentrating on providing vehicles that can run on solar power and other fueling options.

Bottom line

Innovative designs, fuel efficiency, compact size, light weight, usage of alternate fuels, etc are some of the most anticipated 2017 auto industry trends. This means newer techniques for manufacturing, innovative marketing methods for dealers and top class driving features for end users. With so many expectations, the automobile sector is all set to blast 2017 with amazing technologies and vehicles ever seen.